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Collaborate, Create, Learn: A School PD PLan

Let’s be honest for a second… Have you ever found yourself trapped in a seemingly irrelevant professional development session, sitting painfully, watching the clock slowly tick by while someone drones on at the front? You know the presenter is apparently supposed to be teaching you something that will help develop you as the professional educator that you are, yet for the life of you all you can hear is…

“Bueler… Bueler… Bueler… Bueler… Bueler… Bueler… Bueler…”

I’m sure I am not the only educator who has had the privilege of such an experience. In fact, if I am being honest with myself, I have even been guilty of creating a “Bueleresc” experience for colleagues as an administrator on school pd days. This is why I am optimistic, enthusiastic, and even excited about our Muir Lake School Collaborate, Create, Learn (CCL) School Professional Development Plan.

First thing I need to note. I am sharing this work that has been done on this plan because the idea was first shared with me. Kudos and thanks to George Couros for so freely and consistently sharing his work, resources, and experiences. It is this same spirit of transparently sharing that is the foundation of this plan.

We began developing this plan by forming a PD committee with representation from all staff groupings: early  years teachers, middle years teachers, and Educational Assistants. We set aside a day to work together to vision cast and plan what professional development could look like in our school.  The result of this day is our Muir Lake School Collaborate, Create, Learn (CCL) School Professional Development Plan. The cornerstone principles of the PD plan are:

  1. Self-directed
  2. Maximizing Staff Expertise
  3. Collaboration
  4. Transparent Sharing
  5. Distributed Leadership
  6. Time and resources (more…)
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