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Managing School Operations and Resources

The principal manages school operations and resources to ensure a safe and caring, and effective learning environment. (PQPG, Alberta Education, 2009, p.6)


The principal:

a) effectively plans, organizes and manages the human, physical and financial resources of the school and identifies the areas of need

b) ensures that school operations align with legal frameworks such as:  provincial legislation, regulation and policy; as well as school authority policy, directives and initiatives

c) utilizes principles of teaching, learning and student development to guide management decisions and the organization of learning.

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I have met this criteria as demonstrated by the following:

  • Collaborating with staff to implement team teaching to allow for flexible groupings in order to better utilize resources in order to meet students’ diverse needs
  • Facilitated implementation of 1 to 1 learning environments (Grade 2-4 Chromebooks with iPads as supportive devices, Grade 1 iPads)
  • Oversee and manage school technology resources
  • Budget, scheduling, and staffing decisions

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