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Principal Quality Practice

Principal Quality Practice applies to all formal school leaders, including assistant and vice-principals. In accepting the legislated and school authority mandated leadership responsibilities, all school leaders are expected to commit to fulfilling the leadership dimensions contained in the Principal Quality Practice Guideline (PQPG) throughout their careers. (PQPG, Alberta Education, 2009, p.4)

There are seven leadership dimensions outlined for educational leaders by Alberta Education in the Principal Quality Practice Guideline. I strive to be intentionally attentive to these 7 dimensions, allowing them to guide my growth and learning as an educational leader. The following pages demonstrate how I have met and am developing in each of these leadership dimensions.

  1. Leadership Dimension – Fostering Effective Relationships
  2. Leadership Dimension – Embodying Visionary Leadership
  3. Leadership Dimension – Leading a Learning Community
  4. Leadership Dimension – Providing Instructional Leadership
  5. Leadership Dimension – Developing and Facilitating Leadership
  6. Leadership Dimension – Managing School Operations and Resources
  7. Leadership Dimension – Understanding and Responding to the Larger Societal Context

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